1. General:
  1. These advertising guidelines (the "Guidelines") apply to and govern your use of the Search Provider's service for delivering online ads (the "Service"). The Guidelines describe the do's and don'ts for the ads you designate for delivery, their functionality and the material or content contained in them (collectively, the "Ads"). The Guidelines apply in addition to and not in substitute of, the provisions of any other applicable agreement (the "Agreement") between you and the Search Provider.
  2. Any act or omission by you or anyone acting on your behalf, in violation of the Guidelines, will be deemed as your breach of the Guidelines.
  3. The term "including", whenever used in these Guidelines, means “including, but not limited to” and does not limit the generality of the specific reference(s) made using the word “including”.

2. Functional, Technical and Aesthetic Requirements of Ads
  1. Ads shall be clearly and easily distinguishable as an advertisement, be consistent with professional industry design standards, and use images with the appropriate resolution for online advertising as determined by the Search Provider from time to time.
  2. All banner Ads must have a 1-pixel conspicuous border around them.
  3. Ads that play audio or video within a banner space shall only initiate after an action by the user (i.e. click, roll-over or hover) and must always have an obvious and clearly visible control which allows the user to disable the sound or playback, as applicable.
  4. All Ads must open a new tab rather than navigate the user away from our or a publisher’s website.
  5. Ads shall not:
    • degrade the performance of a website including due to its file size;
    • launch pop-ups, pop-unders or other questionable or objectionable forms of content displays, as determined by the Search Provider in its sole discretion;
    • launch auto-install or download prompts, initiate program calls to another site or executable file, result in the installation of any program on the end user's device, perform an automatic download to a user's system or present a download dialog box - all without first presenting a complete, accurate, conspicuous and timely disclosure to the end user and obtaining the end user's prior explicit, informed and actively expressed consent to proceed with the action;
    • directly or indirectly, place malware, spyware, viruses, Trojan horses or any kind of malicious software on a user’s computer or mobile device;
    • use any shaky, flashing or throbbing effects or rapid image sequences; or
    • disable form fields, navigation or other website functionality.

3. Content Requirements of Ads
The content set forth below, including any text, photograph, graphic, image, video, music, sound, logo, trademark, service mark, format, design element or feature, or any compilation of the foregoing containing, representing or alluding to such content (collectively, the “Content”) shall not appear on Ads on or through the Service:
  1. Misleading or deceptive Content, including any Content that:
    • is designed to misleadingly generate a click (for example, fake “Close” or “Exit” button on an ad; fake chat boxes; fake download/play buttons; features that appear to be functional but do not work (i.e. sliders, radio buttons, drop down menus)) or mislead users into clicking through to a site that is unrelated to the content of the Ad;
    • imitates the look or user interface of any software application, system or website error message such as a Windows or Mac operating system message or System Warning box);
    • appears to be a message from the publisher or application where the Ads are displayed;
    • exploits knowledge about the functionality of a user's computer or the false discovery of viruses, worms or corrupted files, such as to scare users into purchasing or downloading software;
    • promotes unrealistic or extreme results;
    • uses or misappropriate logos of third parties without permission;
    • uses "bait and switch" tactics (i.e. advertising that promotes an unavailable product or price as a means of luring the user into purchasing a different product); and
    • uses the word "free" or "winner" deceivingly;
  2. Content that infringes, violates or misappropriates any copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, rights of publicity, privacy rights, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights of a third party, whether moral, legal or otherwise
  3. Content that contains, promotes, glorifies or advocates any of the following:
    • promotions, sweepstakes or lotteries (other than governmentally authorized lotteries);
    • nudity (including partial nudity, sheer or see-through products or lingerie ads that contain explicitly sexual materials);
    • adult products, sex or sexual behavior (such as adult films, pornography, magazines, websites, toys, sexual enhancers, contraceptives, casual sex or promiscuity, or rape);
    • violence, obscenity, profanity, abuse, discrimination, degradation or intolerance (including cannibalism, suffering, torture, racial intolerance, lewdness, inappropriate body language or gestures, hate or hate-speech whether directed at an individual, group or organization);
    • alcohol or tobacco products or services (including tobacco consumption accessories and electronic cigarettes);
    • gambling (including any form of betting, lottery or ‘game-of-odds’, whether for monetary gain or otherwise, or gambling educational sites);
    • religion, politics or the military;
    • educational degrees for sale or degrees offered by non-accredited universities or programs;
    • illegal products or services (including illegal traffic devices), illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia;
    • fake legal documents, webcams or surveillance equipment promoted for illegitimate use;
    • firearms, ammunition, fireworks or arms trafficking;
    • risks to a person's safety or health;
    • advice or information that in any way aids or assists in a compromise to national security or interference with an investigation by law enforcement officials;
    • any web search providers other than the Search Provider; and
    • incentives to artificially enhance websites, search engines or advertising metrics;
  4. Content that targets or is related to, directly or indirectly, children who are 13 years old or younger;
  5. Content that violates any industry standards or best practices, as determined by the Search Provider in its sole discretion; and;
  6. Content that encourages any activity that would be considered illegal, a criminal offense, could give rise to civil liability, or violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation or order of any court or tribunal including by collecting, using or disclosing personal information in violation of applicable law, such as the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.

4. Landing Page / Destination URL
The landing page and content thereon and landing page URL which you provide for your campaign shall:
  1. Comply with the same requirements for Ads set forth in Section 3 of these Guidelines (except for Section 3(d)), as applicable;
  2. Never redirect to a different URL than that which was seen when the campaign was first reviewed by the Search Provider; and
  3. Not have pop-up windows, including any exit pop-ups, messages, or chat windows that prevent a user from easily exiting the page.

5. Exceptions
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Search Provider may provide you with prior written approval for specific Ads or landing pages on a case-by-case basis (email approval shall suffice).

6. Service Prohibitions
You must NOT do any of the following or allow any third party to:
  1. modify, adapt, translate, prepare derivative works of, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise attempt to derive source code from, the Service;
  2. remove, obscure or alter any copyright notice, trademarks or other notices of proprietary rights affixed to or provided as part of the Service;
  3. crawl, index or in any non-transitory manner store or cache information obtained from the Service; and
  4. transfer, sell, lease, lend, disclose, use or access, for any other unauthorized purposes, the Service or any part thereof.

7. Intellectual Property Rights
You are not permitted to submit any Ad creative for which you do not have all necessary rights, licenses, consents and clearances regarding its intended usage. You further agree that you shall not infringe any intellectual property or other rights of any third party.

8. Compliance with All Applicable Laws
In addition to the requirements described in these Guidelines, you must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Furthermore, you represent and warrant that The Search Provider's use of the Ads does not and will not violate any applicable law, rule or regulation, or the intellectual property or other rights of any third party.

9. Effective Date and Modifications
These Guidelines are updated from time to time, and are effective as of the effective date written below. You are required to review these Guidelines on a regular basis to ensure that your Ad, landing pages and advertising campaigns comply with these Guidelines. Failure to abide by these Guidelines may lead to the suspension of any or all of your advertising campaigns.

Effective Date of the Guidelines: 05/10/2017